This is not an outfit post II

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Hello friends,
A while ago I wrote a post only in Hebrew regarding the situation in my country and the fact that I lack the mood to post anything regarding fashion these days.
I did not translate that post, so today's post is dedicated to you, dear international readers.

I have decided, since the launch of this blog, that this will be a place dedicated to the love of fashion and aesthetics, some sort of personal haven if you will, and I will not discuss or deal with any other topics here.
But at the moment I cannot keep quiet and feel like I must refer to the situation around me, and break my own rules. Because my country is under attack.

I am not afraid for my life, nor are many of my friends and relatives, but this does not make the situation any less severe.
My country is at war, fighting a vicious, fanatic and merciless enemy - a terror organization named Hamas.

If you follow my blog for a while, you probably already know that I'm a "normal western person".
I am married, I have a job, I like to spend my free time with friends and family, like to shop and pamper myself from time to time, and have a strong interest in fashion.
I also like to travel abroad and enjoy nice culture, sightseeing and great food, mainly in Europe. You know, normal old me.

I am an urban girl, living my life in the big city - Tel Aviv, with my husband and cat.
All of my friends and the people I know are like that.
We like our peace and quiet, go to work everyday, and also love to go to cafes and restaurants and concerts, watch TV and movies, and live our lives as calmly as we can.
We are life lovers, seek the joys of life and want to live and love.

Sounds like every average urban lady living in a big city such as New York, London or Milano. Right?
But here's where the similarity stops: My country does not border with Switzerland nor France.
Our neighbors here in the middle east and especially in the Gaza strip are terrorists who are living and breathing war.

The sole goal of Hamas is terror and killing.
They do not want peace and quiet, don't want to  enjoy life or sit at a cafe. They are not interested in the latest trends of lifestyle and design.
Their sole purpose is to kill Israelis and fight Israel until the country is destroyed (which will not happen, sorry to break that to you...).
And just for the sake of discussion, if they would have gotten their way, you my sane and normal friends in the west, will be their next victim.

In order to achieve their goal Hamas wouldn't stop at anything.
They are willing and actively killing and "sacrificing" their own people, the Palestinians, with no remorse.
Hamas is placing Palestinians clinically next to rocket launchers.
Hamas is not 
allowing them to evacuate from war zones, and forcing them to stay in the line of fire so that there will be civilian casualties. (so that the world will say to Israel: "Bad, Bad Israel!! you are hurting innocent people! Bad Israel! Go to the corner!")
Hamas is 
EXECUTING all of its protestors and not allowing any kind of opposition from within.
Hamas is hiding, and hiding weapons in hospitals, mosques, schools, and UN facilities

I'm not writing this post so that you will feel sorry for me.
I'm not writing this post out of weakness, because my country is strong, and now we are standing together stronger than ever, and we will fight this enemy until it will be demolished and no longer pose a threat to our beautiful country and people.
We have the right to defend ourselves, and we will continue to do so.

I'm writing this as a wake-up call to you, dear western world.
You must face the fact that you will be next - The extremist terrorist groups will haunt every western person on the face of this earth.

So, whenever you read the lies Hamas is spreading in the media, or the biased reports by CNN or BBC, or see horrible images of dead Palestinian babies (safe to assume they are not even Palestinians but Syrians, in fake and re-used footage) stop for a minute and think.

What would you do if your constant day routine was threatened by terrorists?
If your children would have to spend their summer vacation in shelters, hearing multiple sirens a day?
If you had to stop your car in the middle road, and quickly leave the vehicle and lay on the ground covering your head, because some dark and ignorant terrorists were shooting rockets at your beautiful city?

Just remember that you will probably be the next ones to come.
It is the first battle of the free world against the dark, evil fundamental and extremist terrorism.

You are more than welcome to come and visit me in my lovely country of Israel, and I promise to open my home to you, so you can see for yourselves what the situation here is like, live a day in our shoes and then decide which side you are on.

I have so much more to say but I will stop here.
A few more videos for you to chew into:
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May god bless all of IDF soldiers and save them from harm.
Thank you for defending us!!

And I wish you guys have a nice and quiet summer vacation. At least some of us will be able to enjoy one.

Stand by Israel!

All my love, from Israel